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The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast

Oliver fayers 28

Unreal Render 1

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Unreal Render 2

The Sea Beast Video

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Pose 1

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Pose 1 wire-frame

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Pose 2

Submission for rising star 2019 - Stage 2

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Back wire- frame

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Head Wire-frame

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Front Wire-frame

Oliver fayers sclupt process

High Poly

The Sea Beast

Rising Star stage 2

For my character I wanted to try something a little bit different. I didn't want to do just some kind of human character, I looked into trying something I had not done yet. This is where I came up with the idea of doing a Naga. A half reptile, snake creature that merges ​with humanoid features. Reptiles were completely new territory to me but I wanted to give it ago as I am fascinated on the ways I could implement the impressive skin details. Inspired by pirate culture, I re-imagined what is typically found in Indian legends to give it more of a caribbean​ look.

​I am very happy on how it turned out, it is one of my proudest sculpts I have done and I have learnt a lot in the rigging process for when dealing with unique body structures.