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Dumbo - The Peanut dealer

Oliver fayers oliver fayers brief1 final render
Oliver fayers fayers oliver vis progress image
Oliver fayers environment
Oliver fayers post process
Oliver fayers sketchbook 1

Dumbo The Peanut Dealer

Oliver fayers wireframe
Oliver fayers nice high poly
Oliver fayers high poly render 1
Oliver fayers high poly 2
Oliver fayers beauty render1
Oliver fayers beaut2

Dumbo - The Peanut dealer

This Character was made for a term 1 module for my second year at University of Huddersfield. The Idea behind this character is the exploration of human and animal anatomy and how it could be merged to a coherent, plausible and realistic being. Taking inspirations from the recent Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailers, I wanted to make someone as charismatic and grotesque as whats seen in that universe but keep the theme more grounded like in Zootopia. I chose to do a realistic art-style as it's challenging but the end results can look really cool. I wanted to make " Dumbo" look Untrustworthy, creepy and not someone you would want to approach, this involved the addition of the location he resides in as no one like a dark alleyway. Giving Him tattoos, a stance inspired by "The Child Catcher" and the way the light interacts within the world, to fully realise this creepy figure.