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Stranded Live - Made in 5 days (Games Jam)

Stranded Live Trailer

Oliver fayers prisoner character

Prisoner Character

Marmoset Viewer

Character Taunt


Stranded Live - Made in 5 days (Games Jam)

This game was worked on during a 5-day university games jam. Stranded Live is a 4-player online horde shooter set in a dystopian future game show, where you play as death row inmates forced to fight for the crowds' entertainment.
I was a member of the following team:
Myself - Main Character Modeller:
Chris Rhodes - Lighting & Environment:
Reece Parrinder - Weapons & Props:
Brad Cullen - Weapons & Props:
Lewis Banks - UI & Enemy:
Luke Dicken Jones - Programmer:
Daniel Lush - Programmer:
Please check out all their respective portfolios to find some really great work.
We really want to make this into a full product and expand the potential for this game, but ultimately enjoyed working in this team and are pleased with the end product